Monday, August 20, 2012

How To Have An Out Of Body Experience-A Simple Guide Towards Astral Body Projection

Have you ever heard stories from people about having an out of body experience? Basically, that is what you call an astral projection. As crazy as it may sound, but it's something that's proven to be possible. The main concept of this is to let the astral body out and fully active while the physical body of a person is put to a sleep state.

Through that astral body of yours, you will be able to experience things that are way beyond what your physical body can. It will allow you to see other forms of existences of the world that cannot be seen by the eyes alone. Nevertheless, dealing with this kind of activity can be quite serious, or dangerous that is. But if you're desperate enough to at least have a sneak of such a phenomenal experience, let us discuss the most effective and safest ways as to how to have an out of body experience.

There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. One of which would be the need to have your mind kept conscious while having an astral body projection. This can be quite a challenge. However, the real secret to it would be having a fully focused state. As a tip, take preparatory measures that can improve pure focus or concentration. A good one would be yoga exercises which are all designed to attain a peaceful mind. As a matter of fact, having an out of body experience is something that is covered with the usual yoga club which makes it an ideal precautionary option.

Now that you know the right preparations to take, let's deal with the actual thing, shall we? First things first, find a spot within your home where silence is the reigning factor. Since this involves putting you down in a half asleep state, you will need something to rest your body on. However, make sure that it is not a bed because it will make you fall fully asleep which would mean a lot of hazards on your end. For instance, your astral body may not be able to come back to your physical body unless someone tries to wake you up. So, be warned.

Use a chair instead that is, of course attached with an arm support. Be in a sitting position, close your eyes and free your mind from any sort of mental chatter. This can be quite a challenge, but practice makes perfect. Tense both of your feet for 10 to 20 seconds, releasing it thereafter. Inhale and exhale very calmly. Sooner or later, you will feel like your body's getting heavy while everything's just slowing down.

This is what you call the transition phase where your mind is active while your body is in a sleep state. In order to fully separate your astral and physical body, try to imagine as if you're trying to grasp on to something that's above using your hands which are both imaginary that is. This helps exert enough amount of pressure to forcibly separate your astral body from the physical.

After an astral body projection, it will definitely turn out as an extreme experience that you can never forget. Nevertheless, through a fully relaxed mind and by turning off all of those unnecessary thoughts, having an out of body experience can be done easily and with pure safety. To gain extra security, make sure you do it with the presence of another party.

Easy Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Lucid dreaming used to be associated with sexual fantasies. After some time, the term started encompassing the process of gaining instant gratification from the total control of dreams. While these are not necessarily incorrect, these views are the reason for the misconception of the idea behind lucid dreaming.

How to Have Lucid Dreams

There are three points that you need to remember when you want experience the uncanny trance. One, lucid dreaming entails the ability to be conscious while dreaming. It requires the mind to be awake while the body is in slumber. As such, everything inside the dream is vivid, seemingly real, and tangible.

You should draw the difference between being mere spectator of events from actually participating in the turnout of scenes.

Another goal is to become self-ware while being in trance. You should strive to attain a full mental direction to decide how the dream would unfold. It is imperative to have power over your movements. Control the dream instead of allowing the dream to control you.

It is also important to remember that being in charge is simply the tip of the iceberg. You may fly, make love to someone, create a setting, or summon personalities, but there's more to lucid dreaming. With complex techniques, you may also pattern a dream that speaks "unconscious messages" to you.

Most individuals are often overwhelmed on their first few attempts to have lucid dreams. As such, it is best to take tiny steps at a time. Here are some basic lucid dreaming techniques to start with.


As you approach the half-sleep state, be sure to explore your thoughts. Relax your mind and lie still while allowing your mind to drift. Avoid controlling the stream of thoughts. Strive to keep your mind awake as your body starts to falls asleep. It is important to keep your eyes shut and frozen. Avoid moving your lids or rolling your eyeballs.

This is a deep relaxing technique. It invites out of the body experience, hallucinations, and flashing of dream-like scenes. This night-time meditation also enhances one's visualization skills and self-awareness.

As you master this technique, it is easy to wake your mind amidst a lucid dream.

Dream Recall

Not everyone can remember a dream. Right from the moment you wake up, you'd only recall snippets of scenes which seem to be unrelated and with a blurred story. Experts suggest that you keep a dream journal and keep track of everything inside the trance each morning. As your mind gets used to the practice of dream recall, you'll find the spontaneous occurrence of lucid dreams more frequent.

Incubating the Lucid Dream

There are loads of methods to induce the episode of a lucid dream. It can range from simply planning to have a lucid trance to meditation before sleeping. Daydreaming intently also triggers the subconscious mind to produce scenes in the dream that you are wishing to see. Helping this part of mind "memorize" episodes and landscapes allows you to see ideal things while lucid dreaming.

Monday, July 30, 2012

How You Can Have A Lucid Dream In Three Basic Steps

Finding out lucid dreaming techniques is a really good and natural way of working on increasing your spiritual growth and development. It can help you awaken to much more of the untapped inner abilities.

You may have already experienced it once or twice with out consciously attempting to enter this state and now you would prefer to know how to have a lucid dream on a regular basis or at will. Well the great news is that mainly because it is a natural process it could be very easily repeated and you can find out ways to do it regularly or at will.

A number of people seem to be born with the ability to either wake up within a lucid dream state and consciously take part in the dream or they could have the capability to speedily and easily enter a lucid dream state at will.

However for many people today it'll take some time and conscious work on developing this ability. And though it's important to be conscious that you'll find numerous various ways which you can find out how to have a lucid dream, most of them all come down to following these three fundamental actions in one form or another.

How You Can Have A Lucid Dream In 3 Simple Steps

You need to attempt and plan this time well in advance. A good strategy to do that is to schedule a two - four week time period where you are going to be working on this objective as regularly as possible.

Here are the basic actions that you can adhere to : Step 1.) Allow the body to fall asleep - This could be completed by getting in a comfortable resting position which you are used to falling asleep in but do not go to sleep.

Step 2.) Concentrate on observing your dreams - Tell oneself that you simply are going to let your body fall asleep whilst you observe your dreams. This will help to re-enforce your desired intention. The moment you have gotten to the point where you can consciously observe yourself dreaming, you might then be able to consciously participate and have much more control over your dreams.

Step 3.) Practice, practice, practice. Since you are learning to utilize your conscious thoughts in a whole new way, there is certainly bound to be a good deal of trial and error (failed attempts) just before you basically get really superior at it. Having said that, the more frequently you make a conscious effort to learn ways to have a lucid dream, the sooner you may have the ability to develop and master this ability and potential.

When you learn the best way to use these standard actions, you'll be able to make adjustments or improvements as you see fit. For instance, some people prefer to use crystals or particular brain entrainment music when other individuals favor to take a warm relaxing bath with scented candles or get a relaxing body massage before preparing to go into a lucid dream. Any and all of these things are fine, the moment you have got an excellent grasp of the basic method.

Most people find this to become an extremely empowering way to not just help them improve their spiritual growth and development but in addition to help them come to be a lot more optimistic and self empowered to make improvements in their physical life from a considerably greater level/state of being.